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AUHack 2023

AUHack focuses on a broad variety of technical computer science and digital prototyping issues, but could also include specialized tracks and challenges proposed by major sponsors/partners. This is an opportunity for your company to get involved.

Check out the FAQ below, go through the sponsor catalog, or shoot us an email!

AUHack 2023 team

Sponsor FAQ

A hackathon is an event where people within the IT-world, often students, meet and collaborate with each other to develop prototypes or IT-concepts. The purpose of a hackathon is rarely to produce finished products, but rather to create ideas and “hacks”.

A hackathon has nothing to do with the evil-intended “hacking” where bank systems or other digital solutions are penetrated and exposed. Instead participants hack technology together to develop prototypes of digital solutions.

A hackathon gathers people from many interdisciplinary groups and lets them compete to create the best concept and prototype, typically within 48 hours.

AUHack is for students from all around the world. Most of the participants are students from Aarhus University who study Computer Science, IT Product Development, Digital Design, Information Studies, Data science or Engineering.

The students that participate in these hackathons are often ambitious and passionate about both IT and their studies. They clear their schedule for three days to spend an entire weekend, some even refrain from sleeping for two nights in a row, in order to develop the best concepts and prototypes.

AUHack is the perfect opportunity for you to spread the word about your organization to some of the brightest IT students in Aarhus and beyond. Depending on which sponsor pack you choose, you have the following options:

  • Show your organization logo on all relevant AUHack PR material.

  • Tell the participants about your organization through events and workshops held exclusively for them.

  • A unique opportunity to see students committed to solving problems and to meet them in their usual surroundings.

  • Represent your organization with mentors that help the participants to solve their problems, creating relations between your organization and the students.

  • Challenge the participants through design cases or encourage them to use your technology or an API of your choosing. At the end of the weekend, you may decide who had the best go at your challenge and reward them with prizes of your choosing.

For a more in-depth description of what the different sponsor packs include, see the sponsor catalog.

  • Get in touch with us on our mail, tell how you want to contribute and which sponsor pack you choose. We are flexible, so if you want to contribute with anything that is not listed in the sponsor packs, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

  • Should you choose one of the major sponsor packs, we suggest you find one or more employees from your organization who would want to participate in the weekend, either to host a workshop or an event, or to mentor the students who take on your case.

  • Pay the agreed upon fee via a bank transfer.

Your contribution is spent directly on improving the event for the participants. The contributions mainly go into:

  • Meals, snacks and drinks for 150 participants Friday to Sunday.

  • Goodie bags for the participants.

  • Buying prototyping gear and components for the participants to use throughout the event.

  • Renting rooms and spaces at Aarhus University.

All organizers are volunteers, and your contribution will not be spent on salary of any kind. The event is 100% non-profit.

You can choose to be a sponsor on one of the specific events throughout the weekend. This means that the event will be organized in your name, as you will be sponsoring the expenses for this event. Please do contact us if you have any questions about our currently planned events or have an idea for a cool event.

If you wish to support the event but do not want to provide content for the weekend, you can be a Silver Sponsor. With the Silver Sponsor pack, we will put your company logo on the website as well as distribute relevant company material (flyers, stickers, etc.) to the participants. Should you wish to contribute with a higher amount than Silver or contribute with tools or other gear, please feel free to contact us at