Workshops at AUHack

We will host 2 workshops Saturday. Participating in a workshop will give you some great skills on various topics, such that you afterwards can build cool stuff, instead of spending hours setting up environments.

Do I need to sign up?

Yes, during team registration! A team is allowed to split up and cover several workshops.

Do I need to do anything before the workshops?

If you already know which workshop you definitely will participate in, then consider downloading the material needed before the workshop starts. In a perfect dreamworld, everybody will do that and you can then spend more time on the interesting material.

Can I participate in multiple workshops?

You're allowed to participate in multiple workshops, as long as they are not at the exact same time. Furthermore, all team members are by no means required to attend the same workshops. Perhaps you can divide and conquer?

Machine Learning
Grundfos Hands-on ML Workshop - Building Type Classification
Machine Learning

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to how and what real-world data science is.

We will run the workshop in a Jupyter notebook (on GitHub Codespaces or on your local machine). We will introduce you to our toolstack in python, which includes Snowflake, Siuba, Plotnine, and more. Finally, we will train a simple model on a real world usecase.

The workshop is based on an internal Data Hackathon, where the goal was to classify the type of building based on iGRID heat meter data.


You have seen Python/R code or something similar.

Software needed

A GitHub account.

Hardware needed

A laptop.

Augmented Reality
AR development for mobile, held by Mathias Lystbæk
Augmented Reality, Mobile, Unity

This workshop will teach you about Augmented Reality (AR) development for mobile using the Unity game engine. If you want to incorporate some fun AR stuff into your hack, this workshop will show you how!


An interest for AR!

Software needed

You will need to have Unity installed and set up properly. Please follow this guide to make sure that you have it set up properly.

Hardware needed

If you have an iPhone/a phone running iOS, then you will need a computer running Macintosh as well. For Android nothing else is needed.