Events Information

AUHack 2022

For this year's AUHack, we will be having a total of four events: Bowtag sponsored by Grundfos, an Escape Room sponsored by Jysk, a Coffee Cart sponsored by the LEGO Group, and the so-called "Bambuild", sponsored by Bankdata.


Bowtag (Sponsored by Grundfos)

We have no clue what this is. Come try it out for yourself!

Escape Room (Sponsored by Jysk)

An Escape Room has been made for you all to try out! - more specifically, a puzzle room. It will be open for most of Saturday, so get your group ready and try to be the ones to beat it the quickest!

Coffee Cart (Sponsored by the LEGO Group)

This isn't an activity like the other events, but it is an event nonetheless! Come get some coffee from the Coffee Cart from 14:00 until 18:00 - you'll need the energy to be able to keep on hacking!

Bambuild (Sponsored by Bankdata)

Last but not least, we have Bambuild! We've bought a lot of bamboo sticks, and now it's your job to make the tallest bamboo stick with only bamboo sticks and rubber bands - nothing else. Good luck!