Cases Information

AUHack 2022

Here you can read about this year's cases from our sponsors! If you ever forget what they are about, don't hesitate to come and take a look here - or go ask the sponsors if you'd like help.


The LEGO Group: Rebuild the workplace.

This case focusses on the new normal, where it's possible to work from home, at the office, or any other place - which can affect ones mood and effectiveness, especially when it comes to (hybrid) meetings. The LEGO Group have brought Cisco desk devices, LEGO Spikes as well as VR headset that you guys can use to solve the case.

Grundfos: Any- and everything that will help support the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 6 and 13.

The two goals, 6 and 13, are "Clean water and sanitation" and "Climate action". Grundfos have said that they would like you all to work with either homes or medium to large commercial buildings, and in their evaluation they will value novel ideas, user centered design and cool use of tech. They have brought a large dataset from the Grundfos Dormitory as well as VR headsets and free to use assets in Sketchfab - along with a lot of mentors that you can use to get going!

Bankdata: Banking in the Metaverse.

This is what Bankdata want to say about their case:

Did you know that in 1932, the term “Virtual Reality” appeared for the first time? This kickstarted a long path toward what is known today as the METAVERSE.

After decades of cool sci-fi concepts and clunky technology, we now see a revival of augmented and virtual reality.

We wonder how banking will take place in the Metaverse?

We want you to think PAST the obvious of just putting a bank branch in a virtual world.

We want you to challenge the very core of Banks and Banking.

Help us shape the future of Banking.