AUHack 2019


Cases at AUHack

Our sponsors are each hosting a case, where you can compete to make the best solution. These are based in each companie's expertise, and are meant as an inspiration and foundation for your projects here at AUHack18.

Do we need to sign up?

Yes, we would like to know what you're working on. We're walking around the area saturday, asking you what you've chosen (if you've chosen any).

Can we solve several cases at once?

Yes, of course! We're not limiting your creativity or area that you want to focus on.

What do we do if we're not here saturday to be signed up for a case?

If we miss you, or if you're not at the venue, when we're walking around, you can just go to the infodesk - then we'll take care of it!

Keep Yoda safe!
LEGO would like your help to make our company data even more safe.
In an ever-challenging business environment, LEGO has an extensive focus on keeping our information safe, and only accessible within LEGO, and externally towards the right partners. LEGO often relies on sensitive partner data for developing new play experiences e.g. regarding the next Star Wars movie. This storyline is sought after from fans, competitors and other companies/persons that can benefit from such information. With LEGOs quality-oriented value chain, it can take up to two years from idea to market to develop a product. LEGO is doing a massive effort to secure this data but need your help to improve the security in our value chain.
LEGO would like your help to create innovative products / applications / devices / solutions that will secure LEGO even more than today. It could fx be:
  • How to make our security efforts more efficient? e.g. Patching, Access rights etc.
  • How to crowdsource security efforts to users?
  • How to detect intruders in our infrastructure?
  • How to protect LEGO employees from phishing?
  • How to identify misuses of our brand by cyber criminals?
  • How to detect product related leaks?
  • How to create effective image and video watermarking?
  • How to secure physical products?
  • How to teach the organization about IT Security?
We will at the event have security experts present and/or on call, as well as experts within coding, automation and other. Furthermore, we have experts in fun and creativity to secure that we all have an awesome time!
We will do all we can to support you during the event and have already brought the following: You are free to use any of this material, but you don’t have to. We encourage you to approach the case innovatively and use the technology you find most suitable or interesting to work with, whether that is AI, Machine Learning, 3D print etc., that is all up to you.
Judging criteria
  • Creativity & Fun
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Completeness of the delivery product
  • Coolness of the product
Make Pumping Sexy
At Grundfos, sustainability is at the core of our business
You can work with anything that will help realize United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals 6 and 13.
How many of you have used a pump today?
    We all use pumps (10% of worlds energy consumption)
How many of you know how much water you used yesterday?
    We don’t, unlike electricity.
Practical details
  • You can work with anything that will help realize United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals 6 and 13.
  • We want you to work with either homes or medium to large commercial buildings.
  • We have brought the following:
    • Dataset from Grundfos Dormitory and various public facilities.
    • A physical pump setup with a Grundfos Magna 3 pump with an API that allows you to retrieve real time data from the pump.
    • Oculus Go headsets for VR.
    • You are also allowed to use dummy data and other technologies ☺
    • Mentors to help you during the whole weekend.
  • We value novel ideas, user centered design and cool use of tech.
SDG 13: Climate Action
We take responsibility for making a genuine difference in the world, by helping our existing and new customers meet their needs in an ever-more energy and water-efficient manner, through our work with the product life-cycle and by walking the talk when it comes to our own footprint.
SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Grundfos puts a focus on helping with the world’s water challenges. We aim to bring water to the world’s most vulnerable communities and one way to do so is by building valuable partnerships for water.
Making work life better and easier through automation
Digital optimization of the work environment may positively affect our lives. We want you to work with automation and efficiency improvements to the work environment, building a case and prototype that showcases how it may impact our employee's life.
We see a division in our work environment in regard to:
  1. Work
  2. Employee fitness and health
  3. Employee fun and enjoyment
Questions we’ve asked ourselves regarding these divisions are: How do we optimize our supporters’ workflow on answering support tickets? How do we get more employees to use our gym? How can our employee's queue music in our Friday bar? And much more ...
We have parts of our staff as mentors at the event, ready to help you with case development and to answer questions about Zitcom and our work environment.
To solve the case, we provide you with:
  • We bring the best employees who can help you with:
    • Hosting, Servers, Linux, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, .NET, .NET Core, MSSQL, Microservices, Swift, Arduino, ESP, LED.
    • Other information about our working environment
  • Vouchers from the swag bag:
    • - 1-year free web hosting & .dk domain
    • - 200 DKK credits to SSD Cloud servers
  • A Zitcom coffee cup – and coffee from our delicious Scanomat iPad coffee machine
  • And much more - don't be afraid to ask! :)
Judging criteria
Feel free to ask us about anything, any time. Simply come find us at our stand. Our mentors specializes in: Python machine learning package, Clustering algorithms, Supervised and unsupervised learning, Embedded programming, UX/UI, Digital Businnes Models, Software concept prototypin, IoT, 3D models, text mining and much more.
Seamless Payments
Danske Bank
We believe
that the future of payments will entail many seamless transactions throughout everyone’s day no matter where they are or what they are doing. Imagine paying automatically at the drive-through simply because your license plate is recognized, at the local coffee shop with facial recognition, or at the dentist because they know your CPR number, all three involving little to no interaction from people. We call that seamless payments.
Just for you
we have created and exposed brand new MobilePay API’s that will enable you to create your very own methods of payment that hook directly into MobilePay and lets you charge money from people via the MobilePay app. The possibilities are endless; enable people to pay using their touch, face, voice, license plate, CPR number, even their AU access card, or something completely different that uniquely identifies a person
We need your help
innovating unique uses cases and approaches to seamless payments, and for enhancing security and utilizing collected data to improve our user experience. Join our case for the hackathon and be a part of shaping the future of seamless payments!